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Do you have a Rework provider?

Rework is considered to be those products that are “out of specification” and require recovery in accordance with the standard and can be released as a finished product.

The main objective is to make corrections to defects, failures and non-compliance with the quality requirements established by the client. Additionally, rework services are used to recover materials that have been damaged during transportation or handling.

Reduces scrap costs.

Additionally, as part of these services, we advise on training, training and best practices activities for the optimal performance of rework services.

Avoid online stoppages.

We implement robust rework processes from our facilities, in supplier plants, in customer plants or in multi-sites, complementing rework services with inspection, verification and/or measurement processes, thus guaranteeing the quality of the components.

Increase in customer satisfaction.

Costs due to penalties derived from non-conforming material are minimized and confidence in the company's products increases.

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