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Payment method

Thank you for shopping at TLAMAGA! ​

To continue with your purchase you must make the payment with the following steps that we will share with you below.

Steps to make payment: VIA BANK TRANSFER OR DEPOSIT

How to pay with Transfer or Bank Deposit? 


Important: You must inform and send proof of payment after making it to this email:


If you require an invoice, please share the data in the same email. ​


Account details: ​ Bank: BBVA Account No.: 0114671090 CLABE

Account: 012680001146710904 ​


If you have any questions or problems with the available payment method, you can write to us at


To consult our Shipping Policies you can click here. ​


Shipments to the entire Mexican Republic with shipping weight between 0 and 5 kilograms will apply a fixed shipping cost of $190.°° (one hundred and ninety pesos °°/100 M.N), if this weight range is exceeded, the kg. surplus. ​

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