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Measurement tools

 Mobile roughness measuring instrument  MarSurf  PS 10 

Product features

• Compact roughness measuring instrument for mobile use

• Simple and intuitive to use: as easy as using a smart phone

• Large, illuminated 4.3" TFT touch display

• Adjustable display

• Data backup as TXT, X3P, CSV or PDF file

• Create complete PDF measuring records directly in the measuring instrument

• Customized comments for the PDF measuring record can be entered directly into the MarSurf PS 10

• Mains-independent operation: Over 1200 measurements without having to recharge the instrument

• An all-in-one solution. Small and lightweight (approx. 500 g) • Instrument flexibility: removable drive unit

• 31 surface parameters: offer the same range of functions as a laboratory instrument

• Roughness standard stored within housing aids in reducing errors

• Quick access to your frequently used functions via the Favorites list in the display

• Automatic cutoff selection, so even non-specialists can be sure of getting the correct measuring results

• Additional version with transverse drive unit available as MarSurf PS 10 C2 (item number 6910235)

• For shafts and housing components.
• For large machines.
• For large workpieces.
• For milled and turned parts.
• For ground and honed workpieces.
Technical data
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